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M. A. Doran Gallery

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Tracey Adams
Linda Allen
Janice Anthony
Marjorie Atwood
Cecile Baird
Sabine Barnard
Gary Bowling
Bill Braun
Cynthia Brown
Jennifer Campbell
Scott Carroll
Marci Crawford Harnden
Nancy Depew
Jeff Dodd
Otto Duecker
Michael Dwyer
Romain E.
Brad Ellis
Bruce Evans
David Fielding
Ron Fleming
Sarah Fox
Scott Fraser
Ann Garrett
Doug Glovaski
Brooke Golightly

Kenneth Gonzales
David Gooden
Jeanie Gooden
Grace Grothaus
Shannon Hansen
Tracey Harris
Virginia Harrison
Richard Heisler
Amy Hill
Robert Jackson
Dennis Johnson
Sam Joyner
Larry Kagan
Kreg Kallenberger
Clayton Keyes
Adonna Khare
Kathleen Kolb
Cynthia Marcoux
Donald Martiny
Wendeline S. Matson
DeLoss McGraw
Michele Mikesell
Douglas Miller
Jessie Morgan
Marshall Noice
Vicki Owen

Siddharth Parasnis
Jeanette Pasin Sloan
Sammy Peters
Jacob A Pfeiffer
Sangita Phadke
Joel Daniel Phillips
William Rabon
Mary Russell
Julia San Roman
Byron Shen
Jonathan Sobol
Shelly Lewis Stanfield
Ben Steele
Skip Steinworth
Nancy Switzer
Jeff Uffelman
Vic Vicini
Poteet Victory
Diane Walker-Gladney
Graceann Warn
Sara Matson Westover
Holly Wilson
Dennis Wojtkiewicz
John Wolfe

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M.A. Doran Gallery
3509 S. Peoria Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74105
phone: 918.748.8700

Hours: 10:30 to 6:00 Tuesday through Saturday

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