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Jonathan Sobol


The language of my work derives from my environment, the foothills and mountains of the Sangre de Christos around Taos, the Gorge and its rock formations. The sage, rocks, acequias near my home, the creatures of the land, air and water and their shapes and colors. There is sunlight, hot as a furnace, and winds from the high desert. The suddenly cool evenings and the blazing Milky Way to light the night. This is an unpaved place, barely tame. Senses are pitched higher and the eye can see great distances. An isolated rain cloud, pouring rain in a fragrant swath across a dry land. Rainbows with Ravens flying through them. All these elements somehow conspire to come into a new being in my paintings. In this way my paintings can be seen as organic and reflective of the natural world.

Jonathan Sobol

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