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New Paintings by Cynthia Brown & New Drawings by Cynthia Marcoux


Cynthia Marcoux

Cynthia Marcoux is an Oklahoma artist who has resided in Tulsa most of her life. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a B.A. in Art, and worked for the Tulsa Zoo as an artist and photographer for 28 years.

Working in realism, Cynthia’s primary discipline is colored pencil; however, she also works in graphite, photography and mixed media.

Her works have been shown at numerous venues in Tulsa, including The University of Tusa, Tulsa Artists’ Coalition, Living Arts, the Tulsa Equality Center, Philbrook as well as galleries in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Illinois.

Cynthia was one of 100 National Award winners in the 1985 Kodak International Photo Contest, has won awards in the Individual Artists of Oklahoma (IAO) ‘Works on Paper’ exhibits, Tulsa International Mayfest Invitational Gallery, and the Northwest Oklahoma Area Artist’s shows, was awarded ‘Photo of the Year’ in the 1993/94 Bird USA Annual, and Cover of the Year for the National Elephant Keeper’s Magazine. She has had photographs published in the Tulsa World, the Tulsa Tribune, Urban Tulsa, AAA Magazine and American Association of Zookeepers National Magazine, as well as numerous other Zoo and Veterinary publications.

Cynthia Brown

I begin my paintings using both hands and creating marks that record and trace the visual rhythm generated from my body. I utilize whatever medium strikes my fancy at the moment; pastels, charcoal, graphite and oil pastels are some of the media I enjoy mixing with acrylic paint. Sometimes I include prayers or embed hopes and dreams onto the canvas. I choose the colors that speak to me. I re?ect, respond, step back, look and respond, like a dance. There is no preconception of subject, but rather I allow the process to develop intuitively.

I first began painting in the 1970’s, and continued to explore and work in the medium, eventually earning my BFA in Painting from the University of Tulsa in 1985, but I was unable to develop a process of working with paint in a way that was not frustrating. Rather than continue in a vein that was unsatisfying I decided to take a few ceramic workshops. Although the work was physically challenging I enjoyed the process of hand-building and applying textures and glazes to the surface of clay was somewhat similar to my approach to painting. I was able to develop a solid reputation and continued working in ceramics for the next twenty years, earning my MFA in Ceramics from TU in 2001, but all the while a frustrated painter lived inside of me.

For ten years after graduation, I worked primarily in ceramics, but dabbled in mixed media and installation art while teaching high school art. In 2010, I decided to apply myself to painting seriously and in September 2013, was able to retire from teaching and began to paint as a full-time vocation. Over the past twenty years I have continued to be active in both creating and exhibiting my work, in various galleries and exhibitions in Oklahoma, and surrounding states.

In June 2014, I was selected as an artist in Artist in Residence at the Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils, Latvia. Eleven artists from around the world will serve in residency for three weeks and two works from each artist will become part of the permanent collection of the Art Centre

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