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New Mixed Media Paintings by Sara Matson Westover & New Abstract Paintings Shelly Lewis Stanfield



Sara Matson Westover

Sara Matson Westover layers colors to build images and layers images to build stories.  She works with transparent opaque materials, words, shapes, lines, paper and wood.

Driven by an arsenal of familiar landscapes and experiences, her paintings are triggered by words, memory and color.  They are collections of reclics, histories, plants, animals, and all the life in between.

Ultimately each painting is a complete picture of an incomplete thought.

Sara is inspired by everyday, oil fields, seasons, people, music, water and unidentified dark matter.

She is eternally grateful of the sentiental as well as the challange to convince her various mediums to get along.



Shelly Lewis Stanfield

I have always had a fascination with creating something special to complete a space. A sunny outlook on life and a love for what I do comes to the surface of my paintings.

Color, texture and shape are what drives my abstract styled work. Acrylic is the medium of choice. Most of my work begins on wood canvas with either a color story or movement in mind. Layering and scraping with a scrap piece of sheet

metal against wood panel gives a certain primitive quality. This technique brings rawness and a down-to-earth element that easily fits into anyone's lifestyle."Knowing when the creation is complete that is the true gift. Having someone fall in love with your work, that is happiness.”


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