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Featuring New Work By:
Scott Carroll, Brad Ellis, Jeanie Gooden, Henry Jackson, Susan Sales & Graceann Warn


Scott Carroll

Scott Carroll is a sculptor living and working in Fayetteville, Arkansas. His work is influenced by the topography and natural elements of this region, and is executed in carved stone, fabricated bronze, stainless steel, and wood.


Brad Ellis

Brad Ellis is an abstract painter living and working in Dallas.  Brad tends to create bodies of work by doing a series of paintings with the same concept running through each piece. Though consistent in his approach, this allows him to explore different avenues for the work and to come to different forks in the road as the piece is developing. This inevitably happens by choice, chance and circumstance. As the artist making the work, the unpredictability and potential sense of discovery is very exciting and one of the main reasons  Brad paints.

Brad’s ultimate goal is to create a compelling work of abstract art that engages the viewer.  For Brad, this is endlessly absorbing and fosters a meaningful dialogue.

Jeanie Gooden

Jeanie is an artist that lives in both Mexico and the United States.  For the most part, Jeanie feels that painting is not a great mystery. Her emotions appear in the paintings.  Through choice of color, brushes, texture or movement, Jeanie begins a dialogue dancing between confusion and clarity. For Jeanie, painting is making an initial commitment to the canvas and then embracing where that commitment takes her.  Often she ends a day of painting in a different place than expected.  Listening to the canvas and using restraint to maintain what it gives is a skill…one that Jeanie tries to embrace each time she paints. 

Henry Jackson

Drawing from the Abstract Expressionists, Henry Jackson combines figurative and abstract elements in bold, colorful paintings composed of oil paint, dry pigments, wax, graphite, and sometimes collage. Formed from a range of brushstrokes and a diverse color palette, Jackson’s figures—which usually appear alone in the center of his canvases—are barely discernible, bordering abstraction. Jackson engages in a process of applying and eliminating layers of paint, and altering pigmented cold wax with solvents, creating compositions that typically possess a remarkable physicality and emotional restlessness. “Similar to that of thread to fabric, drawing to painting, the spiritual and physical become the catalyst of my exploration and study into the human condition,” he has said. Jackson also paints black-and-white compositions in acrylic and graphite. His work has been compared to that of Richard Debenkorn and Elmer Bischoff

Susan Sales

Susan Sales is a self-taught painter who began her art career more than 25 years ago with the creation of two hand-painted pillows.  During the l980's while living Los Angeles, Sales painted a variety of textiles and fine art while maintaining a full-time job in the real estate development industry.  In 1990, she headed for Santa Fe and after twelve years of painting and developing her career there, she moved to Dallas in 2004.

She is most often associated with vivid colorfields and lively abstract expressionist works all of which are linked by her signature smooth, glossy surface.  This technique which she developed and mastered brings a lively, deep and inviting finish to each painting.

Exhibiting in more than fifty art exhibitions throughout her career, her works have adorned the covers of numerous magazines including House Beautiful, Decor and the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.  Sales' works have been placed in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the world. 

Graceann Warn

Graceann Warn, American, was born and raised in New Jersey.  From Michigan State University she graduated with a degree in landscape architecture. Later, while pursuing a Master's in Landscape Architecture at the University of Michigan and working as a landscape architect, she visited an exhibition of the last paintings of Mark Rothko. The emotional impact of that exhibition was the catalyst for great change. Within a year she made the decision to devote her life to making art.  She has been a full time studio artist since 1985 with work exhibited and collected nationally and internationally.  She lives in in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


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