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Susan Sales - "Conspiring with Need" Michele Mikeselle - "The Rainmakers"


Susan Sales - "Conspiring with Need"

Sales is most often associated with vivid color fields and lively abstract expressionist works all of which are linked by her signature smooth, glossy surface.

Michele Mikesell - "The Rainmakers"

This body of work by Michele Mikesell is loosely based on the poem, "The Rainmakers" by Logan Cure.

This show originally started from a historical marker Mikesell came across in El Paso.

"Working on the theory that explosives could cause rainfall because many war battles had been followed by rain, the U.S. Department of Agriculture conducted experiments in rainmaking. During a West Texas drought in 1891 the agency brought the experiment to Midland, with some success. Desperate for rain, El Paso city leaders convinced the Department to come here and try the same procedure. On September 18, some 370 charges of dynamite and other explosives were fired from the heights of Mt. Franklin, but no rain resulted. Only a heavy dew was reported. Texas Sesquicentennial 1836 - 1986"




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