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Marjorie Atwood - Allegories of Dreams & Jeff Dodd - New Landscape Paintings

Introducing New Gallery Artist Tracey Adams


Allegories of Dreams is about storytelling.  The Greek myth of the Moirai (the three fates or apportioners) tells of Clotho with her distaff who spins the thread of life, Lachesis who measures the thread, and, finally, Atropos who snips it with her shears.  Clytie: Looking for Apollo explores the fabled origins of the sunflower.  Having once glimpsed the beauty of Apollo as he drove his sun chariot across the sky, Clytie forever searches the heavens in the hope of seeing him again.  While there are several versions of the story, they all conclude with Clytie being turned into a sunflower whose face forever follows the path of the sun.  The women in these paintings share a dreamlike quality, searching for an allegory to speak of our contemporary world.  Elements of loss, fear for the future of our planet, and our responsibility as caretakers are encountered in many of the paintings, all of which seek in their aesthetic appeal to make us mindful of our duty.


Jeff Dodd is a Oklahoma realist painter of both the landscape and figurative tradition.  This exhibit focuses on Jeff's landscape paintings that pay tribute to Oklahoma's rural beauty. 

Jeff's landscapes are not necessarly depictions of authentic native landscapes.  He gives his own artistic license to interpret the land with a focus on light, billowing clouds, and seemingly untouched terrain.  This manner of idealized realism and focus on  the allure of the nature are what makes Jeff's paintings so appealing.

Jeff's Work is part of  Philbrook Museum's permanent collection and The Norman Regional Hospital the Oklahoma Capitol. 

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