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Otto Duecker and Dennis Wojtkiewicz


New Work By Otto Duecker & Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Otto Duecker

Known for painting, cut-outs, floating fruit, florals and  iconic portraits, Otto has recently completed a new series of "Ice Miniatures".  Each piece is an intimate portrayal of a variety of Schleich animal figures posed on ice cubes in Otto's tromp l'oeil style. The paintings are invested with significant detail that sustain attention and awe for Otto's remarkable talent to paint with such precision. 


Dennis Wojktiewicz

Ohio-based artist, Dennis Wojktiewicz, paints incredible oversized floral paintings.  His use of light and translucency is inspired by a modified version of Vermeer's technique.  The lumenosity of the oil paintings feels as if the canvas is lit from within. 

The magic of the scale and color connect the viewer to the sensual quality that is emmited by the untertones of each floral.


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